JUSTCHEX service verifies checks at pizza delivery customers' doors

Aug. 29, 2004

OXNARD, Calif. — JU$TCHEX is now providing wireless access (through http://chexmessaging.com) to funds verification services that can be accessed through text messaging functions on most mobile phones.

According to a news release, the patent-pending technology, dubbed chexmessagingSM, allows pizza delivery drivers to verify customers' checks right at their doors using a cell phone. The service is available nationwide.

chexmessagingSM inquires in real-time about the status of personal, business or payroll checks. To use the service, a client enters the routing and account number on the key pad of a phone and, within seconds, the system queries combined databases that include up to 200 million check writer accounts and replies with a result.

When the system receives a message from a registered number, a message request is processed and the result is a "yes" or "no" message returned to the phone screen.

Details of all responses are added instantly to the client's reporting list on the Web site as a cross reference.

Users pay a fee for each transaction.

chexmessagingSM is available to clients of JU$TCHEX and clients of any other check recovery or collections company. Clients who are not interested in changing their existing check recovery provider are not required to do so to use chexmessagingSM.

"All that's required is that a mobile phone is registered on our Web site. That's it. No specific model of phone and no software," according to Richard McShirley of JU$TCHEX. "We have no limit to how many phones a client can register and the online reporting comes listed by phone instantaneously to manage compliance."

For more information, call 805-604-4472.

Topics: Financial Management , Telecommunications

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