Kcom claims first slice of Domino’s IT strategy

June 20, 2011

Domino's Pizzas U.K. & IRL has signed a three-year managed services contract with communications-services provider Kcom, making it the first provider the pizza chain has selected to help implement its IT outsourcing program. The program aims to move Domino's on to a scalable IT infrastructure supported by a select number of key partners.

Kcom will provide a managed Wide Area Network (WAN) for Domino's Pizza Group, providing connectivity between each of its 672 stores across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The network will move Domino's from an unmanaged 20CN-based network to a fully managed 21CN infrastructure, which will future-proof the Domino's store network and allow it to introduce more complex applications.

"We needed an infrastructure that was going to do two things; support the growth of our business now and allow for us to plan for growth in the future," said Colin Rees, Domino's IT director. "Domino's is currently doing around 36 percent of its business online - by 2015, we want it to be two-thirds."

Domino's is looking to outsource some key components of its IT operations, so that its internal IT department can be freed to focus on more strategic activities, including growing the online business.

"Kcom's wide U.K. network reach was definitely their strongest selling point," Rees said. "We are now able to tap into their rich pool of technology and solutions to create a resilient back office. We are also able to cover all of our stores with a single technology solution from one supplier."

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