LRS' antibacterial pager now available

June 19, 2013

Long Range Systems, a supplier of on-site guest and staff paging, has introduced SafeTouch, a new antibacterial wireless paging device. The antimicrobial design eliminates germs on contact, reducing the risk of microorganisms spreading within a building or person-to-person, according to a company press release.

"Guest pagers are fantastic for streamlining the waiting process and improving the guest experience, and with today's technology, health-conscious businesses have a meaningful alternative when choosing a paging system," said Skip Cass, CEO of Long Range Systems. "SafeTouch pagers enable businesses to provide a better guest experience while looking out for the health and wellness of guests."

A study by the University of Colorado at Boulder found that 150 kinds of germs and microorganisms live on the hand palms of the average person. Although many are harmless, some can be infectious, and having a pager like SafeTouch helps block the transfer of germs between waiting guests, Cass said.

SafeTouch pagers promote health and safety not just in their antibacterial properties, but also in their technology, which is designed to manage waiting guests more efficiently and eliminate counter congestion, another contributor to the spreading of microbes.

The pagers are compatible with iQueue, LRS' hybrid guest-paging solution and the only waitlist app that can text phones and page guest pagers seamlessly from the same application. It also has a customizable ad insert space that allows businesses to advertise or promote key messages to guests. SafeTouch operates on the preferred UHF frequency for optimal signal penetration and features continuous alert vibration and flash to guarantee that guests receive their notification, Cass said.

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