Maine Papa John's criticized over college promo

Sept. 17, 2009
A Brunswick, Maine, Papa John's has taken heat from the administration of Bowdoin College for an on-campus pizza giveaway designed to build business from college students, according to a story in the Bowdoin Orient.
According to the story:
…Director of Student Life Allen Delong said he sees some problems in Papa John's promotion. It goes directly against the college's solicitation policy, which says the college does not approve of solicitation of students, faculty or staff because of disruption to campus activities or implications that the college endorses the featured product.
"It's tough for me to say that I'm suddenly that guy who's against free pizza," said Delong. "Who wants to be that person?"
According to Delong, Papa John's failed to ask the college for permission to implement this new promotion, and if they had, the answer would have been no.
Delong said that while the issue may seem trivial, allowing the promotion could set a precendent and lead to other companies actively marketing to students on campus.

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