Manager is 'boxed in' when boss discovers stolen pizzas

March 24, 2002

LAKEWOOD, Ohio -- Police in Lakewood, Ohio, near Cleveland, say a manager at a Donatos pizzeria stole dozens of pizzas in an attempt to be recognized in the company newsletter for increased sales.

The scheme, carried out by the manager and a delivery driver, apparently took months to execute.

Kim Hericks, a 36-year-old Donatos manager, was charged with theft, forgery, vandalism and passing bad checks after her boss, the store's franchisee, discovered stacks of empty pizza boxes at her home.

"The owner of the business was helping the manager move from her home in Rocky River, into his home in Lakewood. And during the move is when he discovered the pizzas in her garage," said Chief Dan Clark of the Lakewood Police Department, who told the story to NewsChannel5.

Police photos showed the boxes, but said the pizzas were disposed of. The total damage for Donatos amounted to about $38,000.

"(There are) also receipts missing, and thousands and thousands of dollars from the business are missing," Clark said.

Neither Hericks nor the driver works for Donatos anymore. Hericks faces more than five years in prison, if convicted, but the driver currently isn't facing charges.

NewsChannel5 contacted Donatos corporate headquarters, but no comment on the case was given.

It's not clear if the company ever recognized Hericks for increased sales.

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