Manny & Olga's to deliver 2,000 pizzas

Nov. 5, 2006
WASHINGTON D.C. — Founder Manny Athanasakis thought it would be humorous to run a coupon that says "Buy 1,000 pizzas and Get 1,000 free."
According to a news release, he never imagined that anyone would place an order of that magnitude. But, one man's joke is another man's dinner and the offer just might become a reality.
Students at Georgetown University who saw the ad are running a campus-wide campaign to get 1,000 students together to place the order. As of today, 953 students have signed up and joined the pizza coalition.
Athanasakis said he's willing and able to deliver 2,000 pizzas; he just requests a one-week notice so that he can make preparations for the order.
The students recruited others through, a social Internet site similar to Students said they plan to host a huge pizza party and donate half of the pizza charity.

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