Marco's Pizza offers reduced franchise fees to Ford workers

Nov. 27, 2006
TOLEDO, Ohio — Marco's Pizza is offering United Auto Workers (UAW) at Ford Motor Company plants an opportunity at a second career as pizzeria owners.
According to a news release, Marco's is offering workers who become franchisees incentives such as discounted franchising fees, moving expenses and donations to UAW-sponsored training funds.
"We are finding that Ford UAW workers with 12 to 20 years, who realize they are too young to retire, are showing an interest in entrepreneurialism," explained Clint Hamet, Marco's vice president of development. "Many of these workers spent time in their youth working at a quick-service restaurant and they are familiar with the foodservice business. They are impressed with the longevity of Marco's, and they like our product and concept." 
Additional incentives include: no costs for store construction management; 20 percent of all royalty fees collected from UAW workers-turned Marco's franchisees will be applied to a UAW training/re-education fund; and a rebate of up to $5,000 in the franchise fee to be used for relocation.
"Many of these folks are facing downsizing with a cash settlement," said Jack Butorac, president of Marco's Franchising. "They are too young to retire and they are finding they can parlay their savings and pensions into a new career, where they will have some control of their destiny."

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