MerchantWARE debuts security-enabled mobile payment apps for delivery drivers

March 2, 2010
Merchant Warehouse, a premier provider of merchant accounts and credit card processing solutions, has launched its MerchantWARE Mobile applications integrated with MagTek's encrypted Bluetooth card reader, according to a company release.
MerchantWARE Mobile applications are ideal for pizza delivery drivers. With MagTek's Bluetooth card reader, all credit card data is encrypted at the point of swipe before it is accessed by the mobile device. The data is then securely transmitted and stored at the Merchant Warehouse gateway and data vault. Sensitive information is never stored on the mobile device itself, so merchants and customers have peace of mind knowing their card data information is safe.
MerchantWARE is a complete suite of certified payment processing solutions designed especially for developers and VARs. This suite provides end-to-end encryption and tokenization and enables developers to create superior point-of-sale  systems that deliver a variety of payment processing solutions for their customers. MerchantWARE is PA-DSS certified.
MerchantWARE TransPort allows point-of-sale developers to remove the card processing function entirely from their software while retaining full functionality through a "transaction portal." The PA-DSS audit scope may be reduced or eliminated by delegating all of the sensitive portions of payment processing to MerchantWARE TransPort.
Once integrated into a POS system, MerchantWARE TransPort assumes all of the duties of handling sensitive payment data so that the POS system never comes in contact with it. When a card is swiped, cardholder data is collected, prepared, and transmitted via SSL to MerchantWARE's secure payment gateway, where it is processed and an authorization token is automatically sent back to the POS system.

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