MICROS unveils high-durability bumpbars, 10-hour mobile power tray

Sept. 15, 2008 | by James Bickers
ANNAPOLIS, Md. -- MICROS has announced two upcoming hardware products at its 2008 Users Conference, held Sept.14-16 in Annapolis, Md.
The new Duraswitch bumpbar has keys that are each rated for up to 30 million activations. Paul Schleicher, director of the MICROS Hardware Solutions Group, said that's a considerable improvement over traditional bumpbars, whose buttons usually stand up to about one million uses.
The Duraswitch bars will be available in 10- or 20-key layouts, include a USB interface and are built from a sealed aluminum housing that keeps debris and spills out.
MICROS also unveiled an upcoming accessory for its popular Keyboard Workstation, a portable POS terminal that is often used in outdoor settings like patios or temporary beverage stands. The company's new Keyboard Workstation power tray houses a battery that runs 10 hours on a single charge. The box supports the workstation itself, plus a local printer and an optional RFID device.
Release dates for both products are yet to be announced.

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