MobileCoupons offers free m-coupon tool to restaurants

Feb. 10, 2010 | by has announced it has launched an online coupon creator that makes it easy for retailers and restaurants to create and distribute mobile and digital coupon offers. In less than five minutes, merchants can create and publish coupons through a simple user interface.
Once approved, the offers are available to consumers through downloadable iPhone and Android apps, the mobile Web, and wired Internet. The product is free to both merchants and consumers.
The tool includes built-in analytics so merchants can track and change their coupons at any time. This means that coupon offers can show real-time results and campaigns can be optimized immediately. In addition, coupons can be created for short time frames to fill slow demand time periods or as a special promotion.
MobileCoupons are now offered by well-known chains such as Arby's, AAMCO Transmission and Little Caesars as well as independent restaurants. The coupons have social networking built-in and can be shared on Twitter and Facebook. All offers are also optimized for Web search engines, increasing the online visibility of both brands and their coupons.

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