Money Mailer intros self-service text coupon software

Feb. 1, 2010
Money Mailer has developed software to allow local restaurants to turn a slow sales day into a busy one. Money Mailer Mobile software gives restaurant operators the power to send text messages to their customers on their own during special promotional periods and slow sales days.
"Mobile couponing delivers a strong return on investment because it reaches customers who have asked to receive offers and delivers those offers directly to them on their phone," said Steven Gray, chief operating officer for Money Mailer. "It is extremely affordable and highly impactful. We've seen how powerful it can be to get the cash register ringing."
Money Mailer's mobile text message system delivers real and measurable value to local businesses. For example, the company said a local hamburger restaurant recently integrated Money Mailer's text couponing with their shared mail campaign, which resulted in a 20-to-1 return on investment.
In addition to sending out the text messages, the mobile platform's software permits real-time opt-in count reporting. Thus, businesses can keep tabs on the number of consumers who have elected to receive mobile messages. And, the software collects data from each mobile text campaign to provide businesses with data on opt-in rates.
"Offering consumers value and savings via their mobile phones, from business they already frequent, grows more popular every day, and we're at the forefront of helping local businesses exploit this marketing tool to grow their businesses," Gray said. "Money Mailer's mobile phone program allows businesses to easily build their customer mobile marketing list with minimal incremental expense or effort."
Money Mailer Mobile customers pay no upfront or monthly fees for the software. Costs are incurred only when they push out a text message campaign. Developed with iLoop Mobile, a mobile marketing technology provider, the new self-service software includes extensive support for businesses from Money Mailer's corporate office.

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