Naked Pizza: Dubai will be our model for international expansion

July 22, 2010

Naked Pizza's Robbie Vitrano said that while the company's first international stop is Dubai, the rest of the world will follow soon after.

“We've received serious inquires from around the world - especially India, China, the U.K., Ireland, Germany and South Africa,” Vitrano said. “We'll focus on Dubai first.”

Vitrano said Dubai was the perfect opportunity to test international expansion. He described the place as “a cultural, economic and geographic crossroad” featuring a mix of nationals, businesspeople from Europe and premiere Eastern countries, and forward-thinking economic principles. The concept has signed three leases in the area, headed by Ian Ohan, who Vitrano calls an active member of the young entrepreneurial movement.

“We've covered a lot of ground in short time, because we can,” Vitrano said. “We've honed a highly precise, focused and disciplined operational strategy powered by a clear mission.  We know a lot and we'll learn a lot by applying rapid prototyping and what software developers call agile development.  We're a quick study.”

Topics: Business Strategy and Profitability

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