National Systems intros AIVIA interactive voice appliance

March 30, 2003

CHICAGO, Ill. -- National Systems Corporation (NSC), maker of POS and call-center products, is now offering its AIVIA interactive voice technology as a complement to its TMS/QuikOrder™ POS system.

According to a release, AIVIA features a speech-recognition engine that smoothly integrates with TMS/Quik Order and includes advanced functionality designed to make the ordering process faster than ever. Key attributes include:

* Automated voice recognition of North American English (Spanish-language support to be released at the end of 2003), plus automatic presentation of the customer-preferred language based on caller-ID or customer choice via touch-tone;

* Speech interrupt ("barge in") features that allow customers to make selections without listening to an entire prompt or question.

Offered on Windows 2000 and Linux platforms, AIVIA can be added to any system compatible with NSC's TMS/QuikOrder touchscreen. AIVIA is installed as an appliance and automatically coordinates with the store menu and pricing, and processes orders via the touchscreen interface.

"This design approach ensures that even those restaurants with NSC systems that have been up and running for more than a decade can install both the QuikOrder touchscreen and AIVIA easily and very quickly," said NSC president Jim Kargman.

For stores currently using the TMS/QuikOrder POS system with the touchscreen option, pricing for AIVIA begins at $4,999 including hardware and software.

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