Nat'l Food Service Security Council rebrands itself

Aug. 6, 2013

The National Food Service Security Council announced today at its 34th Annual Conference that it has changed its name to the Restaurant Loss Prevention & Security Association (RLPSA). The change comes after a 16-month brand evaluation, according to James Brussow, president of the RLPSA.

"That branding assessment convinced the organization that it needed to not only deliver a name that more readily identified with industry professionals, but also one that clearly communicated the organization's brand value - one that focuses on the awareness of essential services, including content and resources, surveys, white papers and research - that our member companies need to be better prepared and more successful," said Brussow, who also is the director of security for Dave and Buster's. "NFSSC has had a great name for 30-plus years, but times have changed. The role of the LP professional has changed, and we felt this new brand not only helps to better identify with our industry professionals and practitioners, but also addresses an opportunity to reach out to new members who may not have associated themselves with the old brand."

It's important to have a clear name and brand that describes what the group represents, said Jim Forlenza, executive director, RLPSA.

"The new name emphasizes the multi-faceted role the loss prevention expert now plays – from loss prevention, to security, to safety and risk management – today's professional now wears multiple hats. "You're seeing the changes even with job titles among our member organizations."

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