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July 24, 2003

It's not been that long since I sat in your seat, that creaky desk chair wedged inside the cramped office where every purveyor in town corners you and pitches his product as the best, the most affordable or the most revolutionary (insert whatever) on the market.

Even when a salesman I liked and trusted dropped by, it was still a pain to stop what I was doing to talk to him. In short, I liked cooking food, but buying it was a drag.

There was

Steve Coomes, Editor

no e-commerce back then, no Internet shopping facility open 24 hours a day offering to meet my needs for goods and services.

But there is now. And it's on PizzaMarketplace.

Have you noticed our Product & Service Request link near the top right of our homepage in the tan panel? It's been on the site for a while, so forgive me for not telling you about it sooner. Hope I didn't cost you too much time surfing the 'net or visiting with purveyors looking for leads on ovens, toppings or pizza sauce, because you didn't need to. All you needed to do was click the link.

Here's how it works.

Whether you're just starting out in the pizza business and need the whole kit and caboodle, or you're a veteran operator looking to replace or test a few items, we can help. Once you click the link, you'll see an all-inclusive list of products and services. Simply check the ones that interest you, and sit back and let those manufacturers and service providers contact you.

There's no old-time "reader service" card to fill out and mail; those take weeks to travel through the snail mail and fulfillment process. This is a high-tech, high level of service tailored just for pizza operators.

Get it? It's your own personal shopper, a tool you can use whenever and however you like.

For free.

That's right. This service comes at no cost to you, and it's available only at PizzaMarketplace.

But that's not all

We've made some other changes to PizzaMarketplace you might not yet know about.

In July, we launched our first-ever how-to guide, "Choosing the Right Toppings for Your Pizzeria." Everything you ever wanted to know about pizza toppings, as well as how to choose and use them, is contained in this 38-page downloadable document. Click here for your free copy.

That's right. Just like the rest of our site, it's yours for the asking.

Lastly, since pizza operators are the real newsmakers in this industry, we want to know from you what's going on in your corner of the country. One way we hope to track that is through our new Pizza Poll, located on the middle right of the homepage, in a red panel.

Every two weeks we'll ask a new question centering on an issue close to the hearts and wallets of pizza operators. Your opinion matters not only to us, but to your peers. So parcel out 10 seconds of your day to respond to the poll. The second you do, you'll see the results.

And, as always, you're invited to call or e-mail me with story ideas and suggestions about the site. I'd love to hear from you, so ring me up at 502-241-7545, or e-mail me.

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