Nestlé issues statement about pizza 'poisoning' lawsuit

Feb. 4, 2013

Nestlé USA, whose brands include DiGiorno, Stouffer's and California Pizza Kitchen frozen pizzas, has issued a statement in response to a lawsuit brought forth last week claiming its products "deliberately poison" consumers because they contain transfat. The plaintiff is asking for $5 million in the class action suit.

The statement reads as follows:

"Nestlé is disappointed in this lawsuit as we strongly believe that the allegations in this lawsuit are baseless. Our pizzas are safe and in strict compliance with the requirements of USDA and FDA.

The presence of any trans fats (TFAs) are clearly listed on our ingredients labels. Since we acquired the business three years ago from Kraft, we have worked to improve our recipes by reducing the number of ingredients and have reduced the amount of TFAs in our pizzas by 50 percent.

FDA and USDA recognize TFAs as a lawful ingredient in food products, and regulate their use and labeling.

We believe people want to make an informed choice about the foods they eat and understand that some people may choose to avoid foods containing TFAs."

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