New iPhone app reveals beverage consumption trends

July 7, 2010

A new iPhone app could help revolutionize the restaurant industry – without customers even knowing about it. GuestMetrics' iPhone app provides beverage suppliers and distributors with data on restaurant guest-purchasing behavior at the transaction level. Built using MicroStrategy Mobile, the app provides detailed insights into consumer spending, consumption preferences, menu pairings and overall beverage brand health.

MicroStrategy Incorporated, a global provider of business intelligence software, and GuestMetrics Inc., provider of customer insight solutions for the hospitality industry, have collaborated to build and deploy the new business intelligence application. GuestMetrics collects volumes of point-of-sale restaurant data and provides beverage, alcohol, and food suppliers with insights into consumer behavior.

"Our new iPhone app is a game-changer for our clients, giving them a competitive edge and transforming the way they work," said Brian Barrett, president and CEO of GuestMetrics. "We are delighted to offer our clients this powerful new mobile BI app that enables them to access data anytime, anywhere to make strategic business decisions."

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