New Kraft pizza dough made for reheating, shelf-life

Jan. 16, 2005

Chicago Sun-Times: Ever try to reheat a cooked pizza, only to have it end up tasting dry or stale? Kraft Foods thinks it has a way to solve that problem.

The Northfield, Ill., company applied for a patent recently for a deep-dish pizza crust it says can be sold pre-baked but still have a shelf life of 75 days and stand up to reheating.

"Once a fully baked pizza crust has been refrigerated or frozen, it tends to 'toughen' or become leathery, stale and/or dry," the company wrote in its patent application. "When a crust becomes 'leathery,' it becomes harder to chew and loses its 'chewability.' "

Kraft says its new store-bought pizza crust will have less water in it, and that should make it tastier to eat when reheated.

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