New video game allows players to run own pizzeria

Jan. 7, 2010
Nintendo may very well help the National Restaurant Association with its goal of inspiring more entrepreneurs with the new video game Fast Food Panic.
Available now for the Nintendo DS and later this month for the Nintendo Wii, the game puts players behind the grill as an entrepreneur of a small, lively new restaurant that features a menu of pizza, burgers and sushi. Those who impress customers with superior service and fantastic meals will find their restaurant growing, their kitchen overflowing with orders and turning their hole-in-the-wall restaurant into a culinary empire.
In order to move up the restaurant ladder, players will have to woo their patrons by perfecting their pizza-tossing, burger-grilling and sushi-rolling skills. As their restaurant's popularity and reputation increases, not only will gamers have to juggle cooking multiple meals at once, but they also will have to take on the additional responsibilities of taking out the trash, calculating checks, chasing away pests and washing dishes to make sure their customers' experience is perfect.
Leading video game publisher SouthPeak Interactive Corp., in collaboration with Nobilis Games, announced the arrival of Fast Food Panic for the DS and the coming arrival for the Wii on Jan. 19.
Aubrey Norris, product marketing manager at SouthPeak, said the two versions provide unique gaming opportunities. "Fast Food Panic on Wii is more about bringing the whole family together with a variety of fun, competitive mini games like competing to catch the most fish and racing to deliver orders the fastest," she said. "There's even an option of playing the story mode in co-op with another player."
The Nintendo DS version offers a more independent gaming experience "with increasingly difficult challenges and a grand assortment of recipes," she said.
Fast Food Panic is available now on Nintendo DS and ships Jan.19 for Wii. Both versions have a suggested retail price of $29.99 and are rated E for everyone.

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