NEWS OF THE WEIRD: Pizzeria robbed once, but owner nails second thief

March 30, 2004

SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich.—The old saying of going to the well one too many times proved true for at least one thief, who broke into the Pro Pizza and Grill restaurant on March 29.

According to the Flint Journal, shortly after midnight on March 29, a store manager discovered the restaurant's till had been cleaned out, and reported the theft to police and owner Mitch Degele.

Degele suspected the perpetrator was a former employee, who might return for the safe later. So he went home, got his pillow, a blanket and a gun and returned to the restaurant to keep watch.

"I don't sleep in my restaurant normally, but I decided no one is taking my weekend receipts," Degele said.

Degele's hunch was right. A second thief, using a cordless saw to cut his way into the building, made it all the way to the restaurant's drop ceiling before police arrived—but it wasn't the former employee. Rather the thief was the former employee's roommate, who had overheard talk of the first robbery and decided to come back for the safe.

Topics: Crime , Independent Operation , Operations Management

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