Now that's a 'mega' spicy pizza

March 17, 2002

When it comes to pizza, Malaysians like their pies hot, hot, hot.

Aiming to meet their need for heat, Pizza Hut Malaysia has rolled out a fiery new offering called the Pizza Mega Lada. The flame-eater's fantasy gets its kick from a heaping helping of black pepper.

In a statement released by the company, S.K. Wong, vice-president of KFC Holdings, Pizza Hut Malaysia's parent company, said Malaysians love incendiary foods, and that he expects the Mega Lada to be a mega-hit.

"It's topped with black pepper sauce, loaded with chunks of black pepper chicken and served piping hot to spice things up," Wong said.

The company spent about a $350,000 dollars on a media-blitz introducing the new pie.

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