NRA forms customer engagement strategic alliance with Loyalty 360

Aug. 30, 2009
The National Restaurant Association (NRA) has formed a strategic partnership with Loyalty 360, the Loyalty Marketer's Association, to conduct operator and consumer research that will analyze loyalty marketing programs in the restaurant industry. Loyalty 360 also will assist the NRA in developing strategy for its members for social and emerging media as additional methods by which to drive loyalty and engagement.
The initial research will provide insights on loyalty programs that currently exist, and consumer perceptions and attitudes toward these programs. The NRA will use the research to provide its restaurant members best practices guidance for building engagement and member rewards programs. The project also will focus on the relevance and use of social media applications -- such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter -- to help create increased loyalty and brand engagement with customers and employees.
"Industry leaders are taking a harder look at who their customers are, what keeps customers coming back, and how important their brands are," said Mark Johnson, president and CEO of Loyalty 360. "The National Restaurant Association is on the cutting edge, helping its members more deeply understand their consumers and retain them by building effective loyalty programs."   National Restaurant Association members will participate in a survey to identify what loyalty practices are being utilized, if dedicated resources are available for strategy and implementation, and what metrics/KPI's restaurants are looking to achieve with loyalty programs. Customer research will focus on key drivers of behavior, including awareness, favored programs in the restaurant industry, what it takes to keep them loyalty to restaurants, and why consumers may choose the restaurants they frequent most often.

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