NRA: Sandridge Food Corp. debuts food processing technology

May 25, 2010
Sandridge Food Corporation unveiled its new high-pressure processing (HPP) system during the 2010 NRA Show last week in Chicago. HPP is a food processing method that uses cold water under high pressure to provide safe processed foods, rather than the traditional thermal process and preservatives.
Because the HPP process eliminates harmful bacteria, the need for chemicals such as benzoates and sorbates to preserve food and extend shelf life are no longer needed, resulting in a more natural product that tastes better and is healthier.
"We have committed to this technology, not only because food safety is our highest priority, but because we firmly believe that foods with fewer preservatives and clean labels are the right thing to provide to the consumers of today," said Mark D. Sandridge, CEO of Sandridge Food Corporation. "Consumers want to be able to read labels that contain simple ingredients. With HPP, we are able to deliver culinary products that the consumer can feel good about with recognized and trusted ingredients, while still maintaining the highest degree of food safety, taste and nutrition."
In the HPP process, the product is packaged in a flexible container and is put into a high pressure chamber filled with cold water and then pressurized with a pump. An equal amount of pressure is transmitted through the package into the food itself. Pressure is applied for a specific time, usually three to five minutes. Because the pressure is transmitted uniformly (in all directions simultaneously), food retains its shape, even at extreme pressures.

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