NSC launches multiple-touchscreen technology

May 18, 2003

CHICAGO -- National Systems Corporation (NSC), launched infrastructure technology that supports PC and multiple touchscreen configurations of its TMS/QuikOrder POS system during the National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show, according to a release.

By combining a solid-state controller with an advanced software suite, TMS1 allows multiple touchscreen terminals to be controlled by one desktop computer system.

"This technology perfectly complements the touchscreen upgrade for TMS/QuikOrder that our customers began adopting last year," said NCS president Jim Kargman in the release.

In a conventional POS touchscreen configuration, there is a one-to-one relationship between the touchscreen and the desktop computer that supports it, he said. For large restaurant chains, maintaining consistency in hundreds or thousands of stores is difficult.

"TMS1 simplifies this management process by automatically updating all of the touchscreens tied to a single PC on an as-needed basis," Kargman said. "Centralized touchscreen management enables restaurant owners to get the full benefits of touchscreen order entry without the complexities tied to managing hundreds or thousands of touchscreens one by one."

NSC estimates restaurateurs could cut the cost of an entry-level system in half, to $10,000, by replacing up to four computers and eliminating associated maintenance and support costs, according to the release. Long-term savings could be more substantial, the company said.

"For large restaurant chains, the TMS1 system can mean going from 5,000 computers to just 1,000 to support all of their touchscreens. The savings realized by that reduction will be rapidly evident on the company's bottom line," Kargman said.

The system will be tested in the market before it is released later this year.

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