NY restaurant owners voice opposition to proposed polystyrene ban

Aug. 6, 2013

More than 1,000 New York City area businesses have written letters to members of City Council in opposition of Mayor Mike Bloomberg's proposed ban on polystyrene foam, introduced in June.

According to the Restaurant Action Alliance NYC, restaurant operators oppose the proposal because the regulation would increase business costs as they're forced to switch to alternative products.

"Foam containers are the best product for my business," said Dennis Linardaxuji, owner of Bus Stop Restaurant. "My customers like them because they keep food hot and don't make a mess. I like them because they are more affordable, convenient, sanitary and sturdy. I wrote to the City Council to tell them that they should stick up for the people who are creating jobs and feeding this city, not rubberstamping a regulation that won't do anything to reduce waste."

Several restaurant owners have met privately with City Council members to express their point of view, and more meetings are scheduled. Restaurant owners have also called on City Council members to consider the recycling of polystyrene foam, which would allow New York to join other cities that are already implementing such programs, including Los Angeles and more than 60 cities in California.

"Foam can and should be recycled, and I urge the Mayor to work with the Council to explore this option instead of a ban," said City Council Member Peter Vallone. "We need solutions that work, not window dressing."

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