'Off-the shelf' Internet commercials now available for restaurants

July 10, 2013

Internet commercial provider IMercials.biz has launched "off the shelf" commercials to help restaurants promote their businesses.

"Your WiFi is not just for your customers, you can and should be using it to make money," said David Roffman, creative director of the company.

The company creates Internet commercials — AKA iMercials — that restaurant operators can purchase and then stream to any HD TV in their establishments. Eeach iMercial comes with customized logo treatment, said Roffman.

"It's a paradigm shift in the way that smaller chains and independents can promote their own brands," he said.

IMercials.biz has been operating since 2010, producing commercials mostly for restaurants that were either in need of a website update, or were using Flash on their homepage, which could not be seen on Apple devices like iPhones and iPads. Years ago, Apple products did not make up a significant percentage of the mobile market, but today things are different.

"We were targeting businesses that knew they had to do something if they wanted to reach the Apple products crowd, and we were able to provide very affordable commercials that the clients loved," Roffman said. "They sit right on the homepage, and all a person has to do is to click the 'play' button and a gorgeous full HD iMercials plays with sound."

The iMericials have multiple benefits, said Edgar Ortiz of La Luna in Connecticut.

"iMercials remove service bottlenecks, especially when my bar is busy," he said. "Not only does it address the issue of the indecisive customer at the bar, but it helps my bar upsell premium cocktails and keeps my bartenders busy serving customers who would otherwise be waiting in line behind the customer that is looking for suggestions."

Ortiz also points to the inventory control benefits.

"... If I want to take advantage of specials that my liquor distributor is offering, I know that I can encourage sales to take advantage of it now."

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