Ohio pizza drivers file for union election

May 15, 2005

FESTUS, Mo. — Pizza drivers in Mansfield, Ohio, filed for union election and plan to join the Association of Pizza Delivery Drivers. According to a news release from APDD, the drivers are employed by a Domino's Pizza unit there.

A cut in mileage reimbursement was cited as the primary reason for wanting to unionize the store.

A National Labor Relations Board hearing with Domino's Pizza is scheduled for May 16. It is expected that an election date will be declared at the end of the hearing, and that the union election will go forward.

In a similar hearing last year, NLRB Regional Director Fredick J. Calatrello determined pizza delivery drivers

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are considered a bargaining unit that operates separately from other employees of the store. The distinction lessens the number of staffers required to collect the simple majority needed to allow a union vote to take place.

According to the release, drivers at the Domino's unit say they once were paid 7 percent of each sale for mileage reimbursement, but that it was replaced with a flat $1 dollar per delivery rate. The drivers claim that any order higher than $15 now costs them money, compared to when they used to receive 7 percent.

The drivers also claim their delivery area has doubled because another Domino's unit nearby went out of business, resulting in roundtrips as long as 16 miles.

An unnamed driver cited in the release claims that the combination of soaring gas prices and the reimbursement rate reduction costs him $20 a day.

APDD members have attempted to form driver unions at other U.S. shops, but have failed to garner the necessary votes each time.

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