Papa Gino's cashes in on burger craze

March 16, 2010 | by
After more than a decade, Papa Gino's is bringing back a line of burgers to its menu. Initially, Papa Gino's will feature three Angus burgers, the Classic, Mushroom Swiss and a Bacon Cheddar. To kick off the new menu items, Papa Gino's will offer its Facebook Fans $2 off any burger/fry meal through March 21 via its online ordering system.
The move to serve burgers isn't completely new for the pizza chain: The Classic is a take on Papa Gino's famous Papa Burger that was popular from the 1970s through the mid 1990s, according to a company statement.
Papa Gino's brought back the burger line to diversify its menu and provide guests with more choices. Made from fresh Angus beef, the Papa Gino's Burger line offers a one-third pound single burger meal or a two-third double burger option and is paired with fries. Pricing starts at $5.99 for the Classic single burger/fry meal.
The addition of the Angus burgers provides Papa Gino's guests with a variety of options, from pizza slices to salads and submarine sandwiches and rounds out a menu that can appeal to all family members. The Papa Gino's burgers are expected to be a popular lunch or dinner option.
"We felt it was the right time to bring back the Papa Gino's burger and provide our guests with another high-quality, reasonably priced menu item," said Rick Wolf, CEO and president of Papa Gino's Inc. "Guests are looking for more variety in their dining, and we felt that the Papa Gino's Burger Line would complement our signature pizza portfolio and give our guests another reason to visit their local Papa Gino's restaurant."

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