Papa Gino’s launches customer-interaction solution

Nov. 22, 2010

Conversen Inc., a provider of cross-channel marketing solutions, has partnered with Open-i Media and Papa Gino’s Pizzeria to help the restaurant chain bring a new level of customer interaction to its marketing mix.

Papa Gino's Inc, with more than 350 outlets including the D’Angelo Grilled Sandwich chain, wanted to boost its direct marketing effectiveness while learning more about its customers’ needs and preferences.

Papa Gino’s had a clear vision: filter through the data on restaurant visitors to give loyal customers personalized offers, then drive more restaurant traffic by reacting immediately to customers’ responses and purchasing behaviors.

“Many companies with huge databases have no ability to use the data because it’s too expensive, too time consuming and difficult. Papa Gino’s knew to avoid that trap,” said Open-i Media COO Dana Story. “Traditional campaign management tools are too costly, complex and slow moving. They can’t deal with the velocity of messaging that this kind of responsive and interactive campaign required. This is where Conversen stands out.”

Conversen’s database-centric system has the ability to send personalized messages to recipients and track responses and interactions in real time – drawing segmentation data from various data sources and updating those sources accordingly. This proved to be a valuable capability as Papa Gino’s combined its data-rich assets from its online ordering, point-of-sale transaction and loyalty systems.

Using Conversen’s cross-table filtering capability, Papa Gino’s also joined records from multiple data tables to reach the right customers. Jointly, Open-i and Papa Gino’s aligned the timing and message creative with audience segments.

Papa Gino’s first major success was a campaign built for the NCAA Final Four weekend. A clearer profile of Papa Gino’s best customers emerged, including valuable new information that reinforced Papa Gino’s focus on sports marketing.

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