Pinch serves pizza by the inch

April 12, 2004

NEW YORK—The pizza premise at Pinch is a bit of a stretch: sometimes short, other times long.

According to Newsday, Pinch pizzeria owners Matthew and Todd Birnbaum sell 4 1/2-inch-wide slices at lengths of 3 feet, 12 inches and 4 inches.

Todd got the idea for the narrow pizza while in Argentina. When one friend ordered a meter of pizza one day, he thought such a product might sell back home.

"There are very few places where you can get half a slice or less," said Matthew, referring to the pizzeria's 4-inch slice. "Here, you can customize your portion completely."

Every order at Pinch is cooked fresh--sort of. Doughs are sauced and parbaked and then customized with cheese and as many as eight toppings. The result, said Todd, is a "well-done crust" sans over-cooked toppings.

Four-inch slices start at $2, while a yard of pizza costs $18; toppings are extra.
The rectangular pizzas require custom-made boxes, but Pinch's owners said the tradeoff is that they stand out in the hands of carryout patrons and stick out of garbage cans at the curb. Indeed, the Newsday reporter wrote that carrying a box was a challenge, and that he "practically knocked people down in the street" en route to his Park Avenue office.

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