Pizza box mini plates idea wins design award

Feb. 17, 2012

Three inventors have come up with an idea to add greaseproof perforated paper to pizza boxes, to separate the box from the pizza and act as mini plates.

Called "Paper Dish," the design was created by Yu Kyung Ha, Won Min Jung and Kwon Young Hee. It not only tears apart into mini plates, but also acts as a napkin, according to Gizmodo.

The design earned a reddot award for productivity.

The reddot website outlined why the creation earned an award, stating: "Eating a pizza usually results in getting sauce and oil all over one's hands. Paper Dish reinvents the typical sheet of greaseproof paper that rests between a take-away pizza and the pizza box. The typical square sheet cannot be used to keep the hands clean and is thrown away after the pizza is eaten. Paper Dish is a perforated sheet that can be torn apart and used as a mini plate. Furthermore, a secondary perforation allows it to be split into two pieces for double usage."

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