Pizza chain in legal clash over football player image

April 10, 2011

It's no secret Clevelanders are passionate about their sports. So, perhaps it's no surprise that Cleveland-based Pizza Pan is currently involved in a legal tussle over the endorsement deal of a Browns player.

Pizza Pan, which has about 30 locations throughout Ohio, has recently appealed a ruling over the exclusive rights to use the image of Cleveland Browns -- and former Ohio State -- wide receiver Brian Robiskie in the quick-service segment throughout the state.

According to the Cleveland Scene, Pizza Pan sealed a deal for exclusive rights to Robiskie's name and image in 2009 through the player's agency Sports Link Inc.

However, shortly after, Donatos, another Ohio-based pizza chain, began using Robiskie's image on a collector's cup.

The owner of Pizza Pan, Frederick Peters, sued Sports Link for concealing information about Robiskie's licensing agreement with the NFL Player's Association, an agreement that gives them the right to provide player images and names to other businesses.

A court dismissed the original suit. Pizza Pan appealed the decision and won. The case is currently pending.


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