Pizza delivery driver charged for false robbery report

June 10, 2003

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Pizza Hut delivery driver Mallory Tolefree's pizzas were stolen on June 9, but her $20 change bank wasn't taken and she wasn't robbed at gunpoint as she told police.

According to the Kansas City Star, the 26-year-old Tolefree's claims drew dozens of police to the scene of the crime that evening, which ended after a brief standoff before the home's occupants surrendered.

The alleged pizza thief, 45-year-old Mary A. Davis, was arrested and charged with stealing, but told police she didn't rob Tolefree at gunpoint or take her money.

Tolefree was then charged on June 10 with filing a false police report.

According to police, Tolefree said she was robbed so officers would respond to the theft, and to cover up a violation of Pizza Hut's policy requiring drivers to get a customer's money before giving them the pizza.

Topics: Crime , Operations Management

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