Pizza delivery driver fined for spitting in salad

June 2, 2003

HANOVER, Germany -- A pizza delivery driver has been fined £370 (U.S. $606) for spitting in a customer's salad.

According to Ananova, customer Stephan Winkler, 38, ordered a pizza and a salad from a Hanover restaurant. When he opened the salad container, it was dripping with saliva.

Winkler filed formal charges against the pizzeria and had a DNA sample taken from the spit.

A test of the pizzeria's employees showed 32-year-old Kaiwa H, a delivery driver, was the offender.

According to the report, the driver claimed in court he "had a coughing fit and forgot to throw out the salad afterwards." But the judge believed Winkler's suspicion that the driver was probably angry for having to return to the restaurant after forgetting the salad on the first delivery.

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