Pizza delivery driver fired for aiding gunshot victim

March 10, 2003

SELKIRK, Manitoba -- A pizza delivery driver who stopped to help a gunshot victim was fired because her manager said "she was away from her job for no good reason."

According to the National Post, Marcella McAulay, a 34-year-old single mother, was fired March 9 from Frank's Pizza in Selkirk, for stopping to help at the scene of a double shooting. She had been giving a friend a ride home when the friend's daughter called on a cell phone to tell her about the shooting on her street.

"Walking away, I just wouldn't have been able to live with myself," McAulay said.

The part-time cook and delivery driver, who had been warned about giving rides to friends while working, took the victim into a nearby home and stayed with him until police and paramedics arrived. She said she comforted the 33-year-old Winnipeg man and used a pillow to stem the flow of blood from a stomach wound. The other victim was shot in the wrist.

The owners of Frank's Pizza could not be reached for comment, but manager Jason Boyd told a local newspaper that McAulay "wasn't dismissed because she was at the shooting scene. We feel just as bad as the next guy, but we don't pay employees to be [emergency medical technicians]."

McAulay said she may sell her car while she waits to see if she qualifies for unemployment insurance.

"There is other work out there. Frank's Pizza is not the only job in the world," she said.

The report said the shooting victims are recovering.

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