Pizza delivery driver killed by bomb had police record

Sept. 22, 2003

ERIE, Pa. -- Brian Wells, a pizza delivery driver who, on Aug. 28, robbed a bank and was killed by a bomb locked to his neck, wasn't always the quiet, unassuming man investigators once thought.

According to the Erie Times-News, in 1991 Wells called the office of then-District Justice Joseph Weindorf saying he wanted his neighbors evicted from their home or he would "put a bullet in their heads." According to a police report, Wells also threatened the neighbors and became "abusive" with Weindorf, using obscene language and threatening to shoot the judge.

Wells was charged with harassment by communication, but the charge was later dropped after he pleaded guilty to a summary offense of harassment.

Investigators have been unable to figure out whether Wells was a willing participant or was somehow duped or forced into taking part.

* In related news, investigators say they've found no connection between the death of Wells and that of coworker Robert Pinetti, 43, who died of a drug overdose three days after Wells.

According to the Associated Press, Chief deputy coroner Korac Timon said Pinetti had a history of substance abuse and tests showed methadone and anti-anxiety drugs in his body.

Pinetti was found dead at his home Aug. 31.

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