Pizza delivery driver murdered in botched robbery

June 22, 2003

GARY, Ind. -- A man who had just delivered a pizza to a home was murdered during an attempted robbery.

According to the Merrillville Post-Tribune, Manuel Escobar, 21, a driver for Luigi's Pizza, was shot once in the head about 10:15 p.m. on June 17. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

An unidentified coworker sitting in the passenger's seat drove the car away.

"His friend turned the wheel and operated the pedals to get them both away; the victim was losing consciousness," said Gary police Detective Sgt. Thomas Branson.

Police said Escobar made his delivery and was back inside his car when a robber approached and demanded money. The gunman, who did not get any money, shot at Escobar and his coworker as they drove away.

Officials said Escobar was a native of Mexico and was living in the U.S. to work and send money home to his family.

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