Pizza delivery driver not charged in fatal shooting

May 31, 2004

INDIANAPOLIS--A former Pizza Hut delivery driver who killed a man who tried to rob him at gunpoint won't face criminal charges.

According to the Indianapolis Star, Deputy Prosecutor Barb Crawford of the Marion County Prosecutor's office called driver Ronald Honeycutt's May 17 shooting of Jerome Brown-Dancler "a clear case of self-defense. He did what the law allows him to do to protect himself." (See UPDATE: Delivery driver fired by Pizza Hut for carrying gun.)

Honeycutt, 38, shot Brown-Dancler, 20, more than a dozen times after Brown-Dancler pointed a 9mm handgun at him. Honeycutt had just finished making a delivery about 11 p.m., when Brown-Dancler attempted to rob him. Honeycutt drew his own weapon and fired 15 times at Brown-Dancler.

Fearing the would-be robber had accomplices who would steal Brown-Dancler's gun or use it on him, Honeycutt took Brown-Dancler's gun back to the Pizza Hut and called the police.

"This was late at night. This was a high-crime area," Crawford said. "He left because he wasn't sure whether or not Brown-Dancler had any friends with him. As it turns out, he did indeed have friends with him. They left when they heard shots fired."

The day after the incident, Honeycutt was fired from his job because he had violated Pizza Hut's policy against carrying a gun.

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