Pizza delivery driver robbed when lured to vacant house

April 15, 2004

OKLAHOMA CITY—In four years working as pizza delivery driver, Thomas Long had never been robbed on the job until the night of April 13.

According to, he was lured to a vacant house by a phone call allegedly placed from the home next door.

When Long rang the doorbell at the vacant home, a man came around from the side and told him to drop everything.

"The guy asked me what my problem was and I looked at him and he had a bat to my face," Long said.

The thief took Long's moneybag, which contained only $10, and fled.

Police traced the phone number given for the pizza order to the house next door, where Mecoh Green, a single mother of four, was asked if she'd ordered pizza. Green said she hadn't, but said she'd gotten a similar order confirmation callback from a Pizza Hut a week before.

Green believes someone is using her phone number to lure pizza delivery drivers to the vacant house next door.



Topics: Crime , Operations Management

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