Pizza delivery driver shot fleeing attempted robbery

Sept. 24, 2003

UNIONDALE, N.Y. -- A 31-year-old Domino's Pizza delivery driver was shot in the back while speeding away from a gunman demanding money on the night of Sept. 23.

According to Newsday, at 11:45 p.m., the driver had just completed a delivery to a home and was sitting in his car, counting his tips, when a man approached the vehicle and demanded money.

First Squad Det. Sgt. Roy Gorddard said the driver attempted to speed away and, "As he's pulling away he hears a bang. The rear window shatters and he feels a sharp pain."

The driver, whose name is being withheld, returned to the pizza shop and called police, who took him to the hospital.

Gorddard said a 9-mm round entered the driver's back and exited near his abdomen, but did not hit any vital organs. "It could have been much, much worse," he said.

Hanif Mohammed, 25, a manager at the pizza store, said the driver plans to take time to recover from the gunshot wound.

"This is the first time we had this kind of situation," Mohammed said.

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