Pizza delivery thieves face federal punishment

April 28, 2002

HONOLULU -- Three men charged in four pizza delivery-related robberies find themselves facing federal charges for their crimes.

According to the Star Bulletin, on four occasions the men ordered pizza, left their names and call-back telephone numbers before robbing the delivery drivers who brought their pizzas.

"Basically, they were hungry," said Detective Joyce Alapa, Honolulu Police Department Criminal Investigation Division.

Carmichael Doan, Armond Jackson and Raymond Ridela are charged with violating the Hobbs Act. By U.S. law, hijacking and robbing of delivery drivers is a disruption of interstate commerce, said Omer Poirier, assistant U.S. attorney in Hawaii.

According to the complaint against them, the men are responsible for the March 24 robbery of a Pizza Hut driver, the March 27 robbery of a Papa John's pizza driver, the April 10 kidnapping and robbery of a Domino's Pizza driver and the April 14 robbery of a Magoo's Pizza driver.

The men admitted their involvement in three of the robberies and a search of their apartment turned up items taken from the delivery driver in the fourth. During one delivery, one of the men paid for the pizza with a coupon stolen from the driver robbed on April 10.

Charging the three men with a federal offense will emphasize that police consider these crimes serious, said Alapa.

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