Pizza Fusion to offset entire service-related carbon footprint

April 22, 2010
Pizza Fusion has announced that it will join forces with EarthEra, an initiative of NextEra Energy Resources, to create a groundbreaking new program designed to offset 100 percent of its service-related carbon footprint. As part of the effort, every Pizza Fusion transaction will help build new renewable energy facilities.
Through the EarthEra Carbon Balanced Dining program, Pizza Fusion will acquire EarthEra renewable energy and carbon offset products to balance 100 percent of the carbon emissions associated with its restaurants. In an industry first, Pizza Fusion will offset its own delivery and customer dining travel emissions.
"Creating this partnership moves Pizza Fusion closer to becoming a carbon-neutral business while allowing our customers to be part of creating a sustainable, clean-energy future," said Vaughan Lazar, president of Pizza Fusion. "We hope Pizza Fusion will become a model for businesses around the nation."
The innovative EarthEra program directs 100 percent of the revenues to the EarthEra Renewable Energy Trust, which uses all funds to construct new renewable energy facilities.
Carbon balanced dining will be offered at two Pizza Fusion Florida locations beginning today, with plans to roll out the program to all Pizza Fusion restaurants incrementally in the next year. Pizza Fusion is also currently working on a plan that will establish criteria for acceptable supply chain sustainability practices from its vendors.
"We are pleased to work with Pizza Fusion to create this innovative program," said Nathan Hanson, vice president "Power Marketing," NextEra Energy Resources. "We applaud Pizza Fusion for its continuing efforts to educate customers, reduce carbon emissions and help build a clean energy future."

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