Pizza Hut 'blasts' kids market in India

March 24, 2002

NEW DELHI -- Looking to boost year-end sales in its 10 India markets, Pizza Hut launched its Pizza Pooch Christmas Blast program, a 16-day event aimed at attracting teens and kids.

This month's Pizza Pooch Christmas Blast follows a June promotion called the Pooch Weekend Blast. The December affair, like the June promotion, centers on the Pooch character and its personal appearances at stores. Pooch doggy bags also are handed out at each store to young customers. The bags contain coupons, candy, stickers and temporary tattoos.

According to a report published in the New Delhi-based publication, The Economic Times, Pankaj Batra, marketing director for on the Indian subcontinent Tricon Restaurants International, said that Pizza Hut has partnered with other well-known brand names for the promotion.

"For this, we have tied up with leading companies like Adidas, Nestle, Encyclopedia Britannica, and VIP which will be offering a bundle of gifts and prizes to all our young customers," Batra said. He also said that younger customers make up 60 percent of Pizza Hut's customer base.

Pizza Hut has 24 restaurants in India, and plans to double that number by the end of 2002. In an effort to broaden its customer base, the company is also expanding its menu to include vegetarian pizzas, others seasoned with masala (a traditional but somewhat mysterious Indian spice combination based on a mixture of mace, cardamom and coriander), as well as garlic mushroom and potato wedge appetizers.

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