Pizza Hut delivery drivers sue franchisee for shorting pay

Dec. 11, 2013

NPC International, Pizza Hut's largest franchisee, has been sued by a group of Missouri pizza delivery drivers. According to the Kansas City Business Journal, the drivers allege that the franchisee has not paid federal minimum wage.

In Missouri, the minimum wage for tipped employees and delivery drivers while they're on the road is $3.68. The company, according to the law, cannot require employees to pay for business costs – including travel – if those costs are lower than their hourly pay below minimum wage.

The Pizza Hut drivers claim they were paid $4.25 an hour, plus $1 per delivery, regardless of distance traveled. When fuel and maintenance was calculated in, the plaintiffs claim that wage falls "well below" the minimum wage.

The lawsuit was filed as a class action.

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