Pizza Hut franchisee tests veggie cheese

March 29, 2002

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Galaxy Nutritional Foods (Amex: GXY), a producer of plant-based dairy alternatives has reported significant progress in its test with 43 Pizza Hut franchise stores in the greater Fort Wayne, Indiana area.

According to a Galaxy statement, its Veggie mozzarella has gained widespread approval among customers in the test market. As reported in the Health section of the Fort Wayne Journal and Courier, local Pizza Huts have marketed the new topping by touting the Veggie mozzarella's low-fat virtues: it has 50 percent less fat than regular mozzarella, has no saturated fat or cholesterol, is lactose free and contains soy protein. One local resident quoted in the article said, "I can't imagine that it won't be popular. If you are looking for healthy, this is the way to go."

During the eight-week test, 64 percent of customers who tried a pizza topped with Veggie mozzarella returned for more of the same.

Galaxy's president Angelo S. Morini, called the test results a "strong indicator that there is a mega-trend in foodservice toward the nutritional or functional food category. It is exciting to see this very progressive Pizza Hut franchise be one of the first fast-food companies to respond to the trend by offering healthier menu choices to their customers.'

Galaxy's cheeses are made from grains such as soy, rice and oats, and are growth-hormone- and antibiotic-free. The company claims its products have more calcium, vitamins and minerals than conventional dairy products.

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