Pizza Hut gains value perception with $10 Any deal

Feb. 2, 2012

Pizza Hut gained the most in value perception during the month of January, typically a slow sales month in the QSR segment, according to consumer research firm YouGov BrandIndex.

Pizza Hut's "$10 for any pizza" promotion, backed by a red-tinted ad campaign featuring a guitarist singing "here's a deal, an amazing pizza steal," pushed the chain's value score up 12 points in January, from 22 to 34.

By comparison, Papa John's is selling any large pizza for $11, which moved the company's perception value up 4 points.

Burger King had the second biggest jump in January, followed by Taco Bell and Jack in the Box.

Burger King's perception gain came on the heels of its new french fry launch and complementary marketing campaign. The chain's value score increased by 9 points, from 23 to 32.

Taco Bell rose 5.6 points from 27.5 to 33.1 after it brought back its popular 99-cent Beefy Crunchy Burrito to the menu for a limited time.

Jack in the Box's score jumped from 7.3 to 13.8 in the middle of the month with the introduction of a $4.29 meal featuring a Jumbo Jack hamburger, two tacos, fries and a soft drink. Since then, the chain has fallen back to 9.1.

One chain that didn't fare as well in January was KFC. Its $11 Weekend Buckets, normally $14.99, gave the chain a short-term modest boost during the beginning of January. However, by Jan. 30, KFC ended up with the same score (19) it had before the launch.

According to Ted Marzilli, SVP and managing director of BrandIndex, people normally cut back on their QSR spending in January after binging in December for holiday shopping. To keep up revenue numbers, dining chains roll out deals to lure customers back into their doors.

YouGov BrandIndex's Buzz scores range from 100 to -100 and are compiled by subtracting negative feedback from positive. To derive the scores, 5,000 consumers are asked each weekday whether they've heard anything about the brand – through advertising, news or word of mouth – whether it be positive or negative.

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