Pizza Hut hurdles franchisee conflict to intro 4forALL Pizza on Jan. 26

Jan. 15, 2004

DALLAS—Pizza Hut will introduce its new 4forALL Pizza on Jan. 26.

According to a news release, the pizza is four individually topped, six-inch square pizzas in a single box and sold for $11.99. Each of the four pizzas is sliced into four pieces, for a total of 16 slices. Each pizza can be topped with up to three individual toppings—making for a possible 72 billion possible combinations.

Recognizing the potential operational challenges to executing the 4forALL, franchisees revolted when told of the new product. According to a report in USA Today, Jim Schwartz, a Pizza Hut franchisee overseeing 800 stores, told headquarters the product would "kill our restaurants."

In its U.S. rendition (the pizza is a rework of a pizza called The Quad, which sold poorly at Pizza Huts in the UK), the 4forALL required not only a cooking method different from its standard pizzas, but unique equipment to cook it. Franchisees envisioned the pie would be labor beast that would devour operational efficiency.

When Pizza Hut was set to test the pizza last year, Schwartz stopped it by rallying franchisees against it.

According to USA Today, Pizza Hut Chief Food Officer Leah Evans told franchisees the 4forALL would be killed off "over my dead body."

Still, corporate compromised some by adjusting the pizza's ingredients to reduce cooking time and lowered the cost of the newly required cooking equipment to hundreds from thousands of dollars per store.

To the surprise of many franchisees, the August 4forALL test in Jacksonville, Fla., was so well received that operators there wouldn't allow Pizza Hut to stop the test.

More choices, please

In the news release, Cindy Davis, vice president of marketing at Pizza Hut, said the company's research revealed "87 percent of Americans said that everybody in the family is happiest when they get their favorite pizza toppings. However, one half of Americans agree that when ordering pizza for their family, they have to compromise on toppings and therefore not everyone gets what they want."

Additionally, Davis said Pizza Hut found that 75 percent of people who tried the 4forALL did so in order to avoid compromising on their toppings choices.

* In related Pizza Hut news, the company announced it opened its 300th restaurant in South Korea. The unit is located in the capital city of Seoul. Its Yum! Brands sister concept, KFC, has 200 units in South Korea.

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