Pizza Hut Inc. to pay $10.8 million for hiring driver

July 28, 2010

A jury in San Diego ordered Pizza Hut to pay two women $10.8 million for injuries they sustained after being hit by a Pizza Hut delivery driver with a new license and a history of blackouts, according to Sign on San Diego

From the story:

While the jury did not find Pizza Hut negligent in hiring her, it did conclude the company is responsible for damages because Fisk was their employee at the time.

Fisk, who suffered minor injuries in the collision, was initially named in the personal-injury lawsuit but was later dropped from the case.

(The lawyer for Shari Novak, plantiff) said the verdict should send a signal to other companies “to be a little more careful when hiring professional drivers.”

Yukevich (lawyer for Pizza Hut Inc.) did not know if the company would appeal the verdict.

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