Pizza Hut India calls non-veg pizza complaints frivolous

Jan. 26, 2003

NEW DELHI -- Pizza Hut operators in India claim a growing number of complaints that some of its outlets are serving non-vegetarian pizzas to customers who ordered vegetarian pies are frivilous.

According to the NewIndPress, the latest complaint came from customer Shailesh Mishra, who told police he was served a non-vegetarian pizza recently at a Pizza Hut restaurant near the capital.

Mishra claims to be a strict vegetarian and said his religious sentiments were hurt by having eaten the non-vegetarian pie.

Mishra said he bought one non-vegetarian and two vegetarian pizzas from the outlet to take home. But when he started eating the vegetarian pizza, he found pieces of meat in it and returned to the outlet to complain.

He alleged officials at the outlet dismissed his claims, and he then went to the police station and filed a complaint.

Pizza Hut denied Mishra's claims and filed a counter complaint on Jan. 23, saying Mishra and others like him are filing such suits for publicity.

"The packaging of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is done separately in all our restaurants, so it is next to impossible anything of this sort happened," said an unidentified Pizza Hut spokesman. "We cannot allow people to continue doing mischief like this. This is part of a conspiracy to defame us."

Last June, Siddharth and S.C. Jain charged a Pizza Hut store's staff south Delhi with serving them pieces of chicken when they ordered a vegetarian pizza. A similar complaint was filed last year at a Pizza Hut in Chennai.

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