Pizza Hut Singapore achieves sales jump with customer analytics solution

Oct. 3, 2013

Capillary Technologies, a provider of cloud-based business solutions, announced today that its multichannel Intelligent Customer Engagement platform is helping Pizza Hut Singapore improve same-store sales.

In Singapore, the brand serves more than 1.1 million households, according to a news release.

Capillary's solution enables Pizza Hut to break down its large customer base into clusters and micro clusters based on expressed characteristics, purchasing tendencies and behavioral indicators. These insights are then fed into Capillary's "Lifecycle Marketer" solution, where engagement programs are designed and deployed using campaign automation.

The company said the combination of solutions allows for seamless communications with Pizza Hut's customers across all channels — in-store, via tele-ordering and online.

"We now run targeted campaigns built with intelligence around customers' preferred product categories, typical purchase times and channels of choice. Analytics-driven offers lead to more effective responses among both loyal as well as new users and have generated higher sales returns for us," said Juliana Lim, senior marketing director for Pizza Hut. "With better knowledge on our customers, we are able to do a better job on cross-selling and up-selling to customers, increasing returns per loyal customer."

In comparison to Pizza Hut's former bulk promotions, automated lifecycle marketing with personalization has yielded:

  • A 200-percent jump in average campaign hit rates across customer segments
  • A 38-percent improvement in Pizza Hut's customer retention rate
  • A 9-percent increase in customer visit/purchase frequency in just seven months
  • Up to 6 percent extra sales generated every month since the program was started

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